How to transfer money from SBI  account online?

      If you are a SBI customer then you can transfer money within SBI accounts, out side SBI accounts and internationally also. For that you have to registered with SBI internet banking. Here I describe the step by step procedure to transfer money from one account to another account online through SBI internet banking.
     To transfer money firstly add the beneficiary account (where you have to transfer money) number to your SBI internet banking transfer page. There after follow the following steps.

STEP 1 : Firstly log in to the SBI internet banking using your user name and password.

STEP 2 : Then click on Transfer/payments option. You will find this option on upper bar of your internet banking home page.

STEP 3 : Then click on the option as you required. If you want to transfer money to your own account within SBI (such as PPF, RD etc.) then click on 'own account' in the 'within sbi section'. If you want to transfer money to other's SBI account then click on 'inter bank beneficiary'. If you want to transfer money to other bank account then click one 'outside SBI' and choose the options as you want.

STEP 4 : Then select your options like NEFT ( upto  10 lacks), RTGS (minimum 2 lacks) IMPS (real time fund transfer, charges apply). NEFT and RTGS takes 2 hours time to credit amount in other bank accounts. Select your option and click on proceed. mostly people select NEFT.

STEP 5 : A list of account numbers will appear (the accounts which are already add to your add beneficiary page) . Select the account number where you are going to transfer money. Enter amount, write a breif note and then select 'pay now' accept the terms and conditions and finally click on 'submit'

STEP 6 : Details of your fund transfer will appear on your screen. You have to confirm the details. Simply click on 'confirm'.

STEP 7 : A receipt containing information about your transfer will appear. You can download/ print/ save the receipt. 

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