How to close a recurring deposit (e-RD)in SBI online before maturity period? 

      In many times people can not maintain their savings like RD, fixed deposit etc. In that time people have to need money and they want to close their recurring deposits and wants their money as soon as possible. Then if you go to branch of SBI it takes many times. So you can close your e-RD online using internet banking of SBI. To close a e-RD you must have registered with SBI internet banking and the RD must be opened using internet banking. Then you can close easily. Here is the step by step procedure how to close a e-RD in SBI using internet banking.

STEP 1 : Go to SBI internet banking page and log in with your user name and password.

STEP 2 : Then click on 'e-fixed deposit' on the upper bar of the page.

STEP 3 : A new page will open. You have to click on e-RD/ e-SBI flexi deposit. The option will find on the left side of the page.

STEP 4 : Then select e-RD (recurring deposit) and click on 'proceed'.

STEP 5 : In the new page you will see some different options like open new A/C, maturity enquiry etc. Click on 'close A/C' Tab on the upper bar of the page.

STEP 6 :  In this page you will see your deposit accounts list. You have to select the A/C you want to close and click on 'proceed'

STEP 7 : Now a new page will open. Here you will see the your account details. And you have to confirm it. So click on 'confirm'.

STEP 8 : Now a OTP will receive in your mobile and put the OTP in this page. And it redirect you to a page where you see a massage that your e-RD is successfully closed.
          There after you check your balance in your savings A/C. The amount of RD will deposit in your savings account. 

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