How to pay LIC premium online

How to pay LIC premium online without registration? 

     You can pay LIC premium online in two away. The first one is as a registered user means using ID password of your LIC account. The second one is Pay direct option, means here you do not need to register to In this discussion I describe about pay direct method. 

      Here is the step by step procedure of paying LIC premium without registration.

STEP 1  - Go to Google and type, then click on 'pay premium online' in online service section.

STEP 2  - It redirected you to a page where you see 'Pay direct' and 'Pay premium through e-service' you have to click on 'pay direct'

STEP 3  - Here you find a form where you have to enter policy number, date of birth of policy holder, email id, mobile number etc. fill the form correctly and write down the image (letters) shown in the box, then select "I agree" and click on submit.

STEP 4  - Now you see a page as shown in the image bellow. Here select 'conventional policies' and then' pay renewal premium' then click on submit.

STEP 5  -  In this page the summary of your policy will appear. Select the policy and click on submit.

STEP 6  - In this step you have to choose payment option which you like. Here you see credit card/ debit card/ wallet cash card / net banking etc, select which you want and click 'Yes'. Then a dialog box appear shown as in the image bellow. ( it says that if the premium receipt not generated for error and premium amount debited from your bank account, then wait for 2-3 days and a receipt will sent to your e-mail id). Click 'OK'

STEP 7 - Here a transaction ID will generated, you can note the transaction ID for future. Again you have to select the transaction option. Select which you want and complete the transaction. you will have the option to generate and save receipt. If you don't have the option then don't worry. A digital receipt will send to your e-mail ID.

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