LIC new user registration, how to create account, enrol policy, pay premium online.

How to register in and pay LIC premium online?

                Now a days many people buy a LIC policy for their future and life risk. After bought a policy they have to pay the premium as their terms. In many times people can’t go to deposit the premium in the LIC office. People hate the long queue only for payment of premium. They feel comfortable if they can pay premium from their home. There for Life Insurance corporation of India give that opportunity to pay the premium through online portal.
                Here is the step by step online registration to LIC premium paid portal.


STEP 1   -              Go to google and  write
STEP 2   -              click on the first URL appear on your screen.
STEP 3   -             Then click on pay premium online. Then it redirect you to a page                            where you see the ‘pay direct’ (no registration required) and ‘pay                           through e-service (Registration required)

STEP 4   -              Click on pay through e-service. Then you see ‘registered user’ and                                    ‘new user’
STEP 5   -              Click on new user. It redirected you to New user registration form.                         Give all the  data correctly on the form. Thereafter select the                                 confirmation box and finally click  on ‘proceed’

STEP 6   -              The opened new page say you to create user ID of your choice and                         write password  confirm password. Make the user ID and password                     of your choice. Then click on  submit.  Now your registration has                            done. You will be logged on your account.


STEP 1   -   Now click on ‘Enroll Policy’ which you find in the e-service tools section             on  the  left side of your account page. Here you see the enroll policy list,             which you enrolled  before.

STEP 2   -              Now click on ‘click to enroll new polices’
STEP 3   -              Select how many policy you want to enroll. Then click on ‘proceed’.
STEP 4   -              Now write down the policy number, premium amount (exactly to                                     the premium Receipt ) and policy holder name. Then click on                                         “enroll policy”


STEP 1   -              Now click  on ‘pay premium online’ option in the premium service                                       section. It’s  
                              redirected you to the list of policies which are due on that month.  
STEP 2   -              Select the policy which you want to pay then click on ‘submit’

STEP 3   -              Then select the payment option by which you want to pay in the new                                        window. A dialog box appear on the top of the page. Click ‘OK’ (it says                                 that if payment amoun is deduct from your bank account, but receipt is                                 not received then wait 2-3 days and check your e-mail, an email will                                     send to you with payment receipt)

STEP 4   -        A new page will open, select again the payment method ex. Internet banking,                         debit card…etc. (if you paid through debit card an additional charge so I                                 recommend internet banking)

STEP 5   -        Now complete your transaction. Transaction successful massage  shown on                             your

Screen. Thereafter check your email id registered to LIC account. Here you find the premium paid receipt.

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