How to check SBI complaint status on Yono?


Hello guys in this article we are discussing on how to check SBI complaint status on Yono. If you are a SBI customer and recently you have raised a complaint in SBI and you want to check the current status of the complaint then you can easily check it through Yono.


Many times for some failed transactions, unauthorized transactions, fraud transactions etc. SBI customer raised complaint by calling customer service or online mode. In such situations if you want to know your SBI complaint status then how to check the status online on Yono.


Most of the SBI customers use Yono SBI mobile app. Therefore we are discussing the process how to know SBI complaint status on Yono. To know the process read this article till end.


How to check SBI complaint status on Yono:

Before going to know SBI complaint status online you should have the ticket number of complaint and the registered mobile number with bank. Complaint ticket number generally received on SMS at the time of complaint registration. If you have the both then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the Yono SBI mobile app.


STEP 2: Now you are on the log in page of Yono SBI. On the right side bottom corner of the page you will see an option ‘Help line’. Click on this option here.


STEP 3: A pop up window will be appeared on the screen. You will find the customer service number of SBI here. On this page you will also see two links ‘Click here to register complaint for unauthorized transaction’ and ‘click here to register other complaints’.


Click any one link of the above links.


STEP 4: You will be redirected to Yono SBI complaint page. Click on the second option ‘Complaint/Request status’ on the upper bar of the page.


Here you are asked to enter your complaint/request ticket number and mobile number. Enter the ticket number you have received on your mobile at the time of register complaint and the mobile number registered with your account. Then enter the captcha code and click on ‘submit’.


STEP 5: Scroll down this page. You will see current status of your SBI complaint.


This is the process how to check SBI complaint status on Yono. You can also watch the following video on this topic.  

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