How to get SBI OTP on both mobile and email?


Hello friends, in this article we are discussing on how to get SBI OTP on both mobile and email. If you are using SBI internet banking and you want to get SBI internet banking transaction OTPs on email also, then how to get SBI OTP on email?


We all know that in SBI internet banking you need to use OTP for every transaction or even in login to internet banking also. In general we get SBI internet banking OTP on registered mobile number with SBI.


Many times we go to remote locations in such places you don’t get the network of all telecom companies. Suppose you are at no network coverage area of your mobile network company. At that time suppose you need to access your SBI internet banking urgently. But you can’t access your internet banking without OTP. If you get your OTP on your email address then you can access to your internet banking page and can transfer funds or do other transactions.


So in such conditions you need to get SBI OTP on email address. Therefore we are discussing on how to get SBI OTP both on mobile and email on this article. On the following paragraphs we are discussing the step by step process of getting SBI OTP on email.


How to get SBI OTP on both mobile and email:

Before going to receive SBI internet banking OTP on email you have to register your email to internet banking. If you did not do it before then add your email address to SBI internet banking profile section first. If you have done it then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to SBI internet banking login page and login to your account using internet banking user Id, password, captcha and mobile OTP.


STEP 2: As you logged in to your account you will be on your account summary page. On the left side of the bar of the page you will see some options. Click on ‘Profile’ out of them.


STEP 3: As you click on ‘Profile’ option, a list of various options under profile section will be appeared on the screen. Click on the option ‘High Security Options’ from the list.


STEP 4: In this step you are asked to enter your SBI internet banking profile password. Enter your profile password on this page and click on ‘submit’.


STEP 5: Now you will be on the high security options page. Here you will find the ‘Mode of authentication through OTP’ is selected via ‘SMS’. You will also find the option of ‘SMS & email’ here. Select this option and click on ‘Submit’ on this page.


STEP 6: On this page your registered email id with SBI internet banking will be appeared. Click on ‘Submit’ button here.


STEP 7: An OTP will be sent to your registered email id. Go to your email download the OTP and enter on this page. Click on ‘Approve’ after entering the OTP.


Keep in mind that the PDF of OTP received on email is password protected. The password to open the PDF is your registered mobile number with SBI.


STEP 8: You will be redirected to ‘enable SMS & email’. In this page you will find two approval types one is using debit card and the other is OTP through SMS. Select the second one and click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 9: An OTP will be received on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on this page and click on ‘Confirm’.


‘OTP over email is enabled successfully’ message will be displayed on the screen. Wait for 15 minutes and then you can use email OTP in SBI internet banking.


This is the process how to get SBI net banking OTP on email. You can also watch the following video on this topic.

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