Is web check-in mandatory to board a flight?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to discuss on what is web check in, is web check in mandatory to board a flight, what are the benefits of web check in etc. We all know that we hear the term ‘web check-in’ when we go to travel by a flight. But many of the customers who are going to travel by flight for the first time don’t know about web check in.


Therefore we are discussing on this topic. If you are going to travel by air it is common that you hear about web check-in. If you are interested to know about web check in then read the following paragraphs.


What is web check-in: Airlines allow to their passengers to generate boarding pass from their home online without going airport counter before flight schedule. The process of generating boarding pass online before flight schedule is called web check-in in air travel.


When you can do web check in: Actually no fixed timings for web check in is available for all airlines. It depends on airlines policy when they allow to do web check in for their customers.


In general most of the airlines allow 48 hours to 60 minutes prior from flight schedule for web check in for domestic fly. But some of them allow 24 hours to 60 minutes prior, some allow 12 hours to 60 minutes prior to flight schedule. For international flights the timings may different.


You can know the timings of different airlines from their official websites. The airlines also send messages, emails regarding web check in timings when the timings starts after book a ticket of their airline.

You can also do web check in from the kiosk available at airport.  


Benefits of web check in: First if many travellers do web check in online then the airlines need to print less papers. This may cause of cutting a less numbers of trees to made papers. This benefit is towards the environmental.


While you are doing web check in you can select your favourite seat. Some of seats selections in web check in are free. If you do web check in then you can have the chances of selecting your favourite seats for free.


Sometimes you reach airport lately. Most of the airlines close their check in / baggage drop counters before 45 minutes prior of flight schedule. In such situations if you have done web check in and you have only the hand baggage then you can directly go through security check and can board your flight without any discomfort. You will not miss the flight. In that time if you did not do the web check in you are not allowed to board in flight.


If you have only hand baggage and you have done web check in then you need not stand in the long queues for check in and baggage drop.


Moreover when you do a web check in you will get the boarding pass. On the boarding pass you will find a QR code also. In security check the security person scan the QR code and allow you to go inside.


Is web check in is mandatory: No, web check is not mandatory in current time. You can approach to check in counter and get boarding pass. It was mandatory at the time of COVID 19.

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