How to set SBI auto pay/ standing instruction on Yono Lite?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to describe on the topic how to set SBI auto pay/ standing instruction on Yono Lite? If you are a SBI customer and you are using the SBI mobile application Yono Lite and you want to set auto pay in your account, then you can easily do it.


Suppose you need to pay a fixed amount to a SBI account or other bank account every month. For that you have to transfer money every month. Sometimes you missed the due date of payment. If you can set an auto pay instruction to your account so that the amount will transfer automatically from your account to beneficiary account every month on selected date, it will very helpful for you.


If you are a SBI customer you can do it setting standing instruction in SBI internet banking or mobile banking. If you fill difficulty to use internet banking it doesn’t matter. You can do it on SBI mobile banking app Yono Lite SBI.


We all know that SBI has two mobile banking applications Yono and Yono Lite. You can find the standing instruction facility in Yono Lite only. So you need to register in Yono Lite SBI application first.


How to set SBI auto pay/standing instruction in Yono Lite:

To set standing instruction in SBI mobile banking app you should register in Yono Lite SBI first. You also need to add the account number as a beneficiary to your SBI internet banking or mobile banking account. If you have already registered with Yono Lite app and the payee account number is added to beneficiary list of your account then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to SBI mobile banking app Yono Lite SBI and log in to your account.


STEP 2: In this page you will be on your account’s dashboard. Here you will see some icons. Click on the icon ‘Services’ out of them.


STEP 3: On the next page you will see a list of options under the ‘services’. Here the first option is ‘Standing Instruction’. Click on this option here.


STEP 4: Now you will be redirected to ‘Standing instructions’ page. Here you will see three options create standing instruction, view/cancel standing instruction and history. Click on the first option ‘Create Standing Instruction’.


STEP 5: In this page you have to select whether the beneficiary account is your Self account (like PPF, RD, Loan account etc.), Other SBI account or Other Bank account. Click as the account belongs to.


STEP 6: Another page will be opened. Here you will find the ‘Debit from account number’ i.e. your savings bank account number. You are asked to select mode of transfer as NEFT or RTG. Select the mode as of your choice. You can select RTGS if the amount is more than 2 Lakhs. Then select the beneficiary account number (in which account you have to send money).


STEP 7: As you select the beneficiary account number on the above step you will see your beneficiary account number, name of beneficiary, beneficiary’s branch name and IFSC, transaction limit etc. You are also asked to enter amount to be transfer, select purpose of transaction. Enter all the details as it asked then select ‘Standing Instruction’ option, enter frequency of payment monthly/ daily.


As you select frequency of payment it asked to enter number of payments and start date of payment. Enter how many instalments you need to pay select the starting date of payments and accept the terms and conditions. Finally click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 8: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on this page and click on ‘Submit’ button. Your standing instruction/ auto pay will be set successfully.


This is the procedure how to set auto pay in SBI account, how to set standing instruction in SBI account through Yono Lite SBI. You can also see the step by step process of above procedure in the following video. Watch the video to know the process in live streaming.

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