How to check ICICI Bank pre approve loan offer?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to describe on the topic how to check ICICI Bank pre approve loan offer. If you are an ICICI Bank customer and you want to check if there any loan offer is available in your account or not then how to check ICICI Bank pre approve loan offer.


Many times ICICI Bank customers wanted personal loan, car loan, two wheeler loan etc. But they don’t know how to check pre-approve loan offer in ICICI Bank account. Therefore in this article we are discussing on the process of checking ICICI Bank loan offer.


How to neck ICICI Bank pre approve loan offer:

To check ICICI Bank pre-approve loan offer you need to register in ICICI Bank mobile banking application. If you have already registered to iMobile app then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to iMobile application and log in to your account using your MPIN or fingerprint.


STEP 2: As you logged in to your account you will be on the dash board of your account. In this dash board you will see two icons ‘Loans’ & ‘Pre-approve loans/offer’. Click any one of this two icons.


STEP 3: If you have any loan offer like personal loan offer, two wheeler loan offer, home loan offer etc. To avail the offer click on the tab ‘Avail Now’ against the loan offer.


STEP 4: You will see the loan offer amount, monthly instalment, repayment tenure, interest, processing fee, interest percentage, final amount etc. If you want to apply and take the loan click on ‘Proceed’ and complete the process.


This is the process how to check loan offer in ICICI Bank account. This process is also discussed on the following video. Watch this video till end to know the process.

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