How to download SBI mutual fund capital gain statement?


Hello guys, in this description we are going to describe how to download SBI capital gain statement. Suppose you are a SBI mutual fund customer and you are investing online through SBIMF website or mobile app and you have booked profit or loss for any folio/fund. Then if you want to download the capital gain/loss statement, you can easily download the statement.


Many times for various reasons like file income tax return you need capital gain/loss statement. In such conditions if you have redeem any SBI mutual fund you can download the statement and can make your income tax calculation.


Therefore we are describing the process of downloading capital gain statement in SBI mutual fund. For the detailed process follow the following simple steps.


How to download SBI mutual fund capital gain statement:

Before going to download SBI mutual fund capital gain statement on mobile you should have registered in SBIMF website or SBI InvesTap mobile app. Thereafter you can proceed for downloading statement.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open ‘invesTap’ mobile app and login to your account using mPIN or fingerprint.


STEP 2: As you logged in to your account you will see the details of your investment. Scroll down the page and you will see another two options under ‘Your Statement’ section. The two options are ‘account statement’ and ‘capital gain’. Click on the capital gain option to download the capital gain statement.


STEP 3: In this step you are asked to select your folio number, time period and file type. Select the folio number for which you want to download capital gain statement. Then select the time period, here you will have four options for time period one is previous financial year, second is current financial year, third is since inception and the last is custom date range. Select any one of them and finally select the file type as PDF or excel. At the last click on ‘Download statement’.


STEP 4: You statement will be downloaded on your device.


This is the process how to download SBI mutual fund capital gain statement. This process can also be watched on the following video. Watch this video for the step by step live process.

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