How to download Flipkart invoice?


Hello friends, in this blog we are describing the process how to download Flipkart invoice receipt. If you have bought any items from Flipkart and you have need of the invoice of your item then how to get invoice from Flipkart.


Many times after purchasing any item online you need of the cash memo receipt. You can take a receipt even you have bought anything from market. At the same way as you bought something online from Flipkart then you can download invoice from Flipkart website or mobile app easily.


Most of the Flipkart customers use the Flipkart mobile application. Therefore we are discussing the process on mobile app. Now read the following paragraphs.


How to download Flipkart invoice:

Before going to download Flipkart invoice you should have the user Id password or the mobile number, email handy. Now follow the following steps for downloading invoice from Flipkart.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open Flipkart mobile application.


STEP 2: Login to your Flipkart account if you are not logged in yet.


STEP 3: After login to your account you will see ‘Account’ option on the bottom bar of the page. Click on the ‘Account’ option.


STEP 4: Now you will be redirected to your account page. Here click on ‘orders’ option.


STEP 5: As you click on ‘orders’ on the above step you will be redirected to the order page. Click on the order for which you want to download invoice. Keep in mind that you can download invoice only when your item is delivered.


The details of your order will be appeared. Here you will also see an option ‘Invoice Download’. Click on this option. Your invoice will be downloaded on your device.


This is the process how to download invoice from Flipkart. This process can also be watched on the following video. This video can help you understand the process.

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