How to check SBI complaint status online?


Hello friends, in this article we are discussing on how to check SBI complaint status online. Suppose you have raised a complaint in SBI through customer care or through online. And after two or three days you want to know the status of the complaint then, how to know SBI complaint status online.


Many of SBI customers don’t know how to check SBI complaint status online. Therefore we are discussing the procedure how to see SBI complaint status online. By reading this article he or she can be able to check SBI complaint status online.


In the following paragraphs we have discussed the step by step process of how to find SBI complaint current status. Now follow the following paragraphs.


How to check SBI complaint status online:

Before going to check SBI complaint status online you need to keep the complaint/Request number handy. The complain/Request number is generally sent to the mobile number which is used at the time of raised complaint. Keep the complaint number handy and follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to this website or you can click on this link directly, which will bring you to the SBI complaint status tracking page.


STEP 2: Now you will reached on the SBI complaint tracking page. Enter your Complaint/Request number, mobile number and the captcha code on the box. Finally click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 2: Now your complaint’s current status will be displayed on this screen.


This is the process how to track SBI complaint status online. You can also see this simple process on the following video. Watch this video for better understand the process.


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