How to raise Ayushman CAPF medical claim online


Hello guys in this article we are going to discuss about how to raise Ayushman CAPF medical claim online. Central Government issued Ayushman CAPF card to all CAPF personnel and to their dependents. Using this card they and their family can take treatment from CAPF, PMJAY, CGHS hospitals.


Suppose a CAPF personal has taken treatment form their departmental hospitals like base hospitals, unit hospitals etc. and he has bought some medicines from outside the hospital. Then if he wants to claim the expanses for the medicine bought from outside then he can initiate the claim using Ayushman CAPF card.


If you are also searching for how to initiate Ayushman CAPF reimbursement then follow the following steps.


How to make Ayushman CAPF medical claim online:

Before going to make Ayushman CAPF medical claim you need to activate your Ayushman CAPF card. After activated the card follow the following step by step process of claiming CAPF medical claim online.


STEP 1: Go to and open the TMS portal page of Ayushman Bharat.


STEP 2: Now you are on the PMJAY TMS portal. On the left side of the page you will see some options. Click on the option ‘CAPF Reimbursement login’ out of them.


STEP 3: In this page you are asked to select login type. Here you will find two login types one is Ayushman Id and the other is Force Id. Select force Id here.


STEP 4: In this step you are asked to enter your force Id, then force type and click on ‘Get OTP’.


STEP 5: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number linked with Ayushman CAPF card. Enter the OTP here and enter the captcha code and click on ‘Login’.


STEP 6: Now you are logged in to your account. Here select the patient name and reimbursement type. You will see three types of claim type out patient details, in patient details (partial), in patient details (full). Select out patient details if your claim is for OPD treatment. (I assume here the claim is for OPD treatment). Finally click on ‘Raise Claim’.


STEP 7: In this step we need to select hospital state, hospital district and hospital name. Select the hospital state as CAPF, district CAPF and write the hospital name.


Insert type of Diagnosis/Investigation, select name of investigation/Diagnosis, Investigation/Diagnosis cost. Then click on ‘Add Investigation/Diagnosis’. A message will be appeared ‘Investigation add successfully’, Click on ‘OK’ here.


In add pharmacy section select medicine salt name, then medicine brand name, quantity and per unit cost. Then click on ‘add pharmacy’. Again a message will be displayed ‘pharmacy added successfully’, click on ‘Ok’ here. Add all the medicines one by one.


At the same way add ‘other allied charges’, quantity and cost then click on ‘Add Others’.


STEP 8: Select the action type as ‘Initiate claim’. Then click on ‘Add attachment’. It will ask ‘do you want to proceed’, click on ‘OK’ on the pop up message appeared.


STEP 9: In this page you are asked to upload pharmacy bills, Non availability form in house pharmacy, OPD prescription, referral letters, administrative approval for self etc. Upload all the mandatory documents and click on ‘submit’. (Keep in mind that, if you have bought medicines from in house pharmacy of your treating private hospital then upload the medicine bill on Non availability receipt).


STEP 10: Now OPD claim initiate by beneficiary message will be displayed. You will also see the claim number. Note the number for further correspondence.


This is the process how to submit Ayusman CAPF medical claim online. This process can be watch on the following video. You can watch the video for better understand the process.


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