How to share ICICI Bank UPI QR code?


Hi friends, in this article we are going to discuss about how to share ICICI Bank UPI QR code. If you have generated ICICI Bank UPI Id and you have to use or share your UPI QR code then how to share ICICI UPI QR code.


Suppose you need to receive money from other person or you are a shopkeeper and your customers want to pay you online. In such conditions you can share your QR code or place your ICICI Bank UPI QR code. Then your costumers can pay you by scanning your QR code.


If you want to know the process how to share ICICI Bank QR code then you can follow the following steps.


How to share ICICI Bank UPI QR code:

Before going to share ICICI Bank UPI QR code you need to do registration on ICICI Bank mobile. Thereafter you can follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Open the ICICI mobile banking app and login to your account using MPIN or finger print.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your ICICI Bank account. In this page you will see various icons. Click on ‘BHIM UPI’ out of them.


STEP 3: Now you are on the ICICI Bank UPI page. Here you will find two options ‘Manage and UPI Mandate’. Click on ‘Manage’ here.


STEP 4: As you click on ‘Manage’ the above page another option ‘My Profile’ will be appeared. Click on ‘My Profile’ option.


STEP 5: A new page will appear. Here you will see your UPI Id, last two digit of your account number linked with UPI and check balance option. You will also be seen a three dot option on the right side top of the page. Click on this three dot line.


As you click on the three dot line another three options will appeared. Click on the option ‘Share QR Code’ out of them.


STEP 6: In this page on the top of the page you will see two main option ‘Generate QR code’ and ‘Share QR code’. Click on ‘Share QR Code’ here.


STEP 7: Now your UPI QR code will be appeared on the screen. Click on the ‘Share’ button to share this QR code. As you click on Share button you will find whatsaap, email, message etc. options. Select any one of them and share the QR code to your contact.


You can also watch the following video for better understanding the above process. Because of in this video we have discussed all the steps thoroughly.

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