How to activate BHIM UPI in ICICI Bank?


In today’s time BHIM UPI is one of the most popular payment ways among the peoples. Peoples who make payment online they often use this process for fast and hassle free payment. If you have an ICICI Bank account, then you should know how to activate BHIM UPI in ICICI Bank.


Some of ICICI Bank customers don’t know how to activate UPI in ICICI Bank. If you are also a ICICI Bank customer and you don’t know the process how to get ICIC UPI Id then you should read this article. Because of in this article we have discussed on the topic ‘ICICI Bank UPI’.


How to activate BHIM UPI in ICICI Bank:

To activate BHIM UPI for your ICICI Bank account you need to activate ICICI Bank internet banking or mobile banking first. Here we are discussing on activation of UPI Id in ICICI Bank through mobile banking. Hence if you have not activated ICICI Bank mobile banking then do it first and then follow the following steps.


STEP I: Go to ICICI Bank mobile banking app iMobile.


STEP 2: Now login to your account using MPIN or finger print.


STEP 3: You will be on the dash board of your account. Click on the icon ‘BHIM UPI’.


STEP 4: In this page you will see two options ‘Manage’ and ‘UPI Mandate’. Click on Manage option.


STEP 5: As you click on ‘Manage’ on the above step ‘My profile’ option will be appeared on the screen. Click on ‘My Profile’ button.


A pop up message will be displayed. It says that no accounts registered with UPI or no UPI id available. Click on OK here.


STEP 6: After clicking on OK in the above step you are asked to enter an UPI Id of your choice. Some suggestions of UPI Id also displayed. You can choose any one of them or enter an UPI Id of your choice.


After entering UPI Id click on ‘Check availability’ if it says UPI Id is available then click on ‘OK’ and then ‘proceed’.


STEP 7: Another new page will appear. In this new page you need to select bank account which will link with UPI Id. Select your Bank as ICICI Bank here and then select your Bank account number from the drop down menu.


Under the Bank account menu you have to select ‘set as default’ option. Here you will see two options. One is ‘To send money’ and the other is ‘To receive money’. Select both of the option and finally click on ’submit’.


STEP 8: In this page you will see success message, your UPI Id and the QR code. If you need password to approve any payment, enter your MPIN as password which you used to login to iMobile application.


This is the process how to create UPI in ICICI Bank. This process is also discussed on the following video. You can also watch this video for better understanding the process.


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