What is the Yono SBI account statement password?


Hi friends, in this article we are discussing about what is the password of Yono SBI account statement. Recently SBI updated their Yono app statement. Now while we download account statement in Yono SBI app, it downloaded in PDF format and the PDF is password protected.


Many of SBI customer downloaded account statement from Yono SBI but they could not open the PDF. Because of they don’t know the password. There was no password required earlier to open the PDF of SBI account statement.


Therefore we are discussing on this topic. If you are also searching for the same topic then follow the steps described on the following paragraphs.


How to download Yono SBI account statement:

Before open the SBI account statement downloaded from Yono app we need to download the statement. Now follow the following steps to download SBI account statement from Yono SBI app.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the Yono SBI mobile application and login with your user Id password or MPIN.


STETP 2: After login to your account you will see some icons on the dash board of your account. Click on the option ‘Accounts’.


STEP 3: A new page will open. In this page you will see your savings account number and its balance. You will see a arrow mark against your savings bank account. Click on this arrow sign.


STEP 4: Now the last 150 transactions will be appeared. Click on the passbook image displayed against the ‘transaction details term’ as shown on the bellow image.


What is the Yono SBI account statement open password:

As you click on the ‘passbook image’ your SBI account statement will be downloaded. A new page will open, in this page the successful downloaded message of the account statement will be displayed. And a hint of the password to open the statement PDF will also be displayed on the screen. Click on OK here.


The password to open the PDF should be in the format ****@1234, where **** indicates to date and year of birth and 1234 indicate to the last four digit of your registered mobile number. Suppose your date of birth is 01/03/1994 and the registered mobile number with your bank account is ******1234 then the password will be 0103@1234


You can watch the following video for the process described above. You will find the step by step process in this video also.




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