How to add bank account in e-filing income tax account?


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to describe about how to add bank account in e-filing income tax account. We all know that income tax has changed their website. A person can file ITR or get income tax return if they have added a bank account and the account should be validated.


But peoples are confused in the new income tax website. They don’t know where to add account to get income tax return. Therefore we are going to discuss the process of how to add account in income tax.


How to add bank account in e-filing income tax account:

Before going to add bank account you need to register in income tax website. If you have already registered with e-filing income tax website then follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of the website.


STEP 2: After opening the home page you need to login to your account. You will see a login option on the right top corner of the home page. Click on it and enter the PAN number to login. After entering the PAN number click on ‘continue’ option.


In this page you have to click on the box before the term ‘please confirm your secure access massage’ and enter the password here. At the last click on ‘continue’ button again.


STEP 3: Now you are logged in to your e-filing income tax account. In this page on the right side you will see contact details and bank account tab. You will also see ‘update’ option against both tab,


Now click on the option ‘update’ against the term ‘Bank Account’.


STEP 4: As you click on the ‘update’ option you are redirected to the account adding page. If you have already added any account then you will also see that account in this page.


Here on the right top corner of the page you will see an option ‘Add Bank Account’ option. Click on this option to add account.


STEP 5: In this step you will see a form. Where you are asked to enter the Bank Account number and confirm bank account. Then enter the account type as savings, current etc. select the account holder type as primary, joint etc. After selecting this enter the IFSC code. As you enter the IFSC code of your bank the bank name and branch name will automatically appeared.

Finally click on the ‘validate’ button.


STEP 6: Now a top up massage will be displayed. It says that your request has been successfully submitted and the validation process is under progress. Click on ‘close’ button.


STEP 7: Now you are redirected to the Bank Account page again. Here you will see your bank account which is added now. Sometimes it shows validated immediately and sometimes it will takes more times.


This is the process how one can add bank accounts to income tax e-filing account. We have discussed the same process in the following video. You will experience the live process of the above procedure in this video. If you want to know the process in video then watch this video till end.

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