How to check status of Mobile/DTH recharge done using SBI net Banking?


Hi friends, in this video we are going to discuss about how to check the status of Mobile/DTH recharge done through SBI internet banking? If we go some years back then we went to mobile recharge points to recharge our mobile and DTH services. And if we go more some more years before, then we used paper cards to recharge mobiles.


Slowly times are going on and we have seen the changing and upgrading of technology day by day. First we used 2G, then 3G come and now we are using the 4G technology. We used to use the digital options to recharge mobile and DTH now.


One of the best option of recharge mobile / DTH top ups is SBI net banking. People who are using SBI internet banking can easily recharge their mobile/ DTH through SBI net banking. Many times people need to check the status of the recharge done in SBI internet banking.


Suppose you have done a recharge using SBI internet banking. But you have not received the successful massage from the mobile/ DTH operator. In that condition you can check the status of top up recharge through SBI internet banking.


How to check status of Mobile/DTH recharge done using SBI net Banking:

If you wish to check the status of top up recharge status in SBI internet banking then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to SBI internet banking login page and login with your user Id and password.


STEP 2: After login to your account you will see the account summary page of your account. You will also see an option ‘Bill Payments’ on the top bar of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 3: After clicking on ‘Bill Payments’ some more bill payments related options will be appeared on the screen. Find the option ‘Top Up recharge’ and click on it.


STEP 4: A new page will open. Here you will see three options Mobile Top Up, DTH Recharge and Enquiry. You have to click on Enquiry option to check the status. Click on the ‘Enquiry’ option here.


After Clicking on the ‘Enquiry’ option you are asked to enter the date range between which you wish to check the transactions. After selecting the date range of the transaction click on the ‘Submit’ button here.


STEP 5: Now the recharge list within the selected date range will be displayed on the screen. You will see the request Id and status of the recharges. If you want to check the details of transactions then click on the request Id.


The details of the recharge will be shown on the screen. You will see the transaction Id, date and time of the transaction, amount of the recharge, status of the transaction etc. on the screen.


This is the process how one can check the status of mobile DTH recharge through SBI net banking.




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