How to convert image to PDF in Android mobile?


Hi friends, in this blog we are discussing about how to convert image to PDF in Android mobile? If you are searching for such types of tricks then you are at right place. Because of here we are describing the topic how to convert pic to PDF in mobile.


Many times people required their pictures or image of documents in PDF format. But one can click a photo of the documents but don’t know how to convert image to PDF format. Most of the people don’t have a PC or laptop also. But almost all of them have a android mobile. In that situation they need to know how to change to PDF in mobile.


Therefore in this blog we are discussing the how to convert image to PDF in Samsung mobile or in other mobile. Before going to convert image to PDF on mobile you have to install an application on your mobile. Which name is ‘MS Office’. You will find this application on Google Play store.


You have to install this application on your mobile only. But to save image as PDF you don’t go directly through this application. You just need to have this application on your mobile phone.


How to convert image to PDF in Android mobile:

As said in above paragraphs install ‘MS Office’ on your mobile first. After installing the application follow the following steps to know the process ‘how convert an image to PDF in mobile.

STEP 1: In the first step go to your phone gallery and open the image which you need to save as PDF.


STEP 2: After opening the image you will see a share symbol under the image. Click on the share button here.


STEP 3: A new page will open. In this new page you will see the sharing options like Whatsaap, e-mail, Facebook, Bluetooth etc. You will also see an option ‘Create PDF’ among the option. Click on that option.


STEP 4: Now you will see your image converted as PDF on the screen. You can follow two ways to save this file on your mobile.


The first one is that you will see a three dot line on the top right corner of the page. Click on this line. After clicking on this line another some options like Rename, Convert to word, search, Save as, Add note, Add text to PDF, Print, Signature mode, Pages view and send feedback. Click on the option ‘Save As’. Then select the place to save and give and name of the file and click on ‘Save’.


The second option is Click on the back arrow before the name of the file. Then you will see three options Save, Cancel and Discard. Click on the option ‘Save’. After clicking on this option you are asked to select the place to save the image. You will also ask to give a new name of the file. Enter a name as you like and click on ‘Save’ button. Your image will be saved on your mobile as a PDF.


STEP 5: Now to check the image go to the file manager of your mobile and check in which folder you have selected to save the document. You will see the PDF image on that folder.


This is the simple process how to convert image to PDF in phone. People also use some applications only to convert image to PDF. But by the ‘MS Office’ you can write text document, read PDF and also create power point presentation. At the same time you can convert word file to PDF and image file to PDF also. Hence this application is highly recommended from me.


In the following video we have discussed the save process which is described above. If you want to check the live process then you can watch the following video. Here you see the step by step process how to convert an image to PDF in mobile.


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