How to do Aadhaar online appointment booking?


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to discuss about ‘how to do Aadhaar online appointment booking’. Many times while peoples go to an Aadhaar center they found it full of crowd.  In that conditions they need to book an appointment for update or new enrolment of Aadhaar card.


If they have booked an appointment then they can go on time and confirm their update or enrolment process. They need not return without completing their work. Therefore we are discussing the ‘Aadhaar appointment booking’ process here.


How to do Aadhaar online appointment booking:

If you wish to know the ‘UIDAI online appointment’ then here we are discussing the step by step process here. You need to go through some similar process whether you are going to do Aadhaar update appointment online or appointment for Aadhaar enrolment.  


Now follow the following steps for ‘Aadhaar online appointment booking’.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of the website.


STEP 2: After opening the home page some category will be displayed. You also see some options under every category. Click on the option ‘Book An appointment’ under ‘Get Aadhaar category’.


STEP 3: Another new page will open here you will see a list of facilities you can avail by booking an appointment. Under the list you will see an option ‘select your city’. Select your city from the drop down menu and click on ‘Proceed to book appointment’. If your city is now reflected on the drop down menu click on the second ‘Proceed to book appointment’ under Book an appointment at registrar run Aadhaar seva Kendra.


STEP 3: In this step select your resident type as “Indian Resident’ if you are resident of India or select as ‘Non-Resident’ if you are a non-resident of India. Then select login by your mobile number or e-mail number as you want. And enter the mobile number or e-mail Id which you have selected. Now enter the captcha code shown on the page and click on ‘Send OTP’ option.


An OTP will be sent to your mobile number or e-mail Id which you have entered above. Enter the OTP on the box and click on ‘Submit OTP and proceed’.


STEP 4: Here there are two options will appear. Click on the option ‘New enrolment’ to book appointment for new Aahdaar enrolment and click on ‘the option ‘Update Aadhaar’ to book appointment for updating your Aadhaar details.


Here we will show the process of book appointment for new Aadhaar. Hence we click on ‘New enrolment’.


STEP 5: Now you are redirected to another page. In this page you are asked to enter your name, date of birth, age, gender and resident type. Enter all of them and click on the ‘Save and Proceed’ button.


STEP 6: In this page you have to enter your address and email Id. You also have to verify your email Id by clicking on ‘Verify e-mail’.

After clicking on ‘verify email’ you are asked to enter the captcha code shown and click on ‘Send OTP’. Enter the captcha and click on ‘Send OTP’. An OTP will be send to your e-mail which you have entered above.

Enter the OTP and ‘Verify OTP’ option. Now your email- will be verified. Finally click on ‘Save and Proceed’.


STEP 7: After clicking on ‘Save and proceed’ you are redirected to a new page. Here you will see your address details which you have already entered. If any correction needed then click on ‘Edit’ and enter the correct details. If everything is OK then trick on the box in front of the disclosure and ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 8: In this page an massage will be displayed that ‘Your application has been submitted’. Your appointment Id will also be displayed here. An option ‘Book Appointment’ will displayed under the massage. Click on this massage.


STEP 9: Here you have to search the Aadhaar center near you. You can search it by Aadhaar center name, by PIN code and by selecting state, district, PO etc.


I recommended you to search by PIN code here. Enter the PIN code and click on ‘Search details’ option. A list of Aadhaar enrolment center will be appeared of your area. Select the center of your choice and click on the button ‘Book Appointment’ against the center of your choice.  


If there is no center appear then check entering the PIN code of your nearest city.


STEP 10: Another page will appear you have to select appointment date and then select a time from the list shown. Then click on ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 11: Your appointment details which you have select on the above step will be appeared here. Click on the option ‘Confirm’ here.


STEP 12: After confirming the appointment your appointment letter will be displayed on this page. Download this appointment letter and take a print out of it. You have to carry the appointment letter with you when you will go to Aadhaar center.


Some list of documents will also listed here which you need to carry with you.


If you want to see the above procedure in video streaming then watch the following video. Where we discuss the step by step process of Aadhaar online appointment booking.




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