How to activate SBI credit card online?

      In today's world Debit cards and Credit cards are most popular ways for make a transaction. People don't want to carry cash for shopping, travelling, ticket booking, hotel booking etc. Most of the people like to make payment digitally using debit cards and credit cards. In credit card's field SBI Credit card is also a  most popular option.
      If you have applied for a SBI Credit card online or offline then it has been sent to your home address by post. After receiving the card your first work will be to activate the card. Now you will confused how to activate the card, how to generate the PIN etc. Because SBI don't send any PIN number to your branch or home. You can activate it through branch and calling to customer care also. But you don't want to go branch for such a simple need and don't want to spent time standing on long ques. So this is the best and easy process to activate your credit card online. In this blog we discuss about the process 'how to activate SBI credit card online'?

      To activate SBI credit card online you must have received a credit card from SBI. After received the card you have to follow the following steps.

STEP 1 - Go to Google and type ' and click on search. You will see the first search result as 'SBI Card: SBI Credit Card Online'. Click on this first search result.

STEP 2 - After click on the first search result you will be redirected to SBI card's site and the home page will open. To activate your credit card you need to register on the website first. So click on the option 'Register Now'. You will find the option just under the 'Log In' option on the upper left corner of the page.

STEP 3 - Now another page will open where you are ask to enter your SBI credit card details. Enter your credit card number, CVV number and date of birth in this page. After enter the details click on 'Proceed' option.

STEP 4 - This step is authentication step, a new page will open where your e-mail Id and mobile number will be highlighted and you are ask to enter the six digit OTP which has been sent to your registered mobile number with SBI credit card. Enter the OTP and click on 'Proceed'.

STEP 5 - In this step you will have the option to create user Id and password for your SBI credit card account. Enter an user Id and password of your choice. But keep mind while creating the password that the password should be between 8-16 character, at least one upper case, at least one lower case, at least one number and at least one special character must be included. Here is a example of the password Abcd#1. Finally click on 'confirm'.

STEP 6 - A massage will displayed on your screen that you are successfully registered with Now again go to the login page of the website and click on 'Log In'. Enter the user Id and password which you have created just now and login with this.

STEP 7 - Here in this step your SBI card account will be opened and the details of your card will be displayed. You need to find the option 'Requests' on the right side of the page. Where you see some more options. Now click on 'Request' option.

STEP 8-   After click on 'Requests' you have to click on 'Activate 'option. A massage will displayed saying that 'congratulation, your SBI card is unlocked.

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