How to add beneficiary in Central Bank of India mobile app?

  Adding beneficiary to central bank or India mobile banking:   

 If you are a Central Bank of India customer and you are using mobile banking, then you would be needed to add  beneficiary to transfer fund to other account. While you wish to transfer fund to another account using cent mobile app you will have to added a beneficiary and it should be active. By adding beneficiary once you can send money any time and you need not add the account again for next transfer. To add beneficiary to Central Bank of India mobile banking app you have to follow some simple steps. Before adding beneficiary to cent mobile app you have to register with Central Bank of India mobile app. You can add beneficiary only after activate your mobile banking.

      Here is the steps to add beneficiary in cent mobile app.

STEP 1 - Go to your mobile and open 'Cent Mobile' app and click on log in option.

STEP 2 - Log in with your Id and password to your Central Bank of India account.

STEP 3 - Now you will see a new page where you will see your account number and some other options. You have to click on 'transfer' option form the list of the options.

STEP 4 - After click on the 'Transfer' option it will redirect you a new page, where you see five another options. (a) My account (b) Other CBI account (c) Other bank account NEFT (d) Other bank account IMPS (e) Manage Beneficiary. To add beneficiary you have to click on 'Manage Beneficiary' option.

STEP 5 -  In this step you see again four options (a) My account - where you can add your account in central bank like PPF, Recurring, Loan account etc. (b) Other CBI account - if you have another savings or current account in other CBI brunch then you can add using this option (c) Other bank accounts-NEFT/IMPS(P2A) - this means you can add other bank account like HDFC, SBI, ICICI etc using this option (d) Other bank accounts - IMPS service 24X7 using this option you can add other bank account for instant transfer.
      Select the option for which category you want to add your beneficiary. I show here using 'other bank accounts-NEFT/IMPS option. so click on this option.

STEP 6 - Now you see another page will open, where a massage will display 'no beneficiaries added' (if you have not added any beneficiary before, if you added then you can see your added beneficiary). Click on 'OK'. Now you will also see another option 'create', you have to click on this option.

STEP 7 - In this step you will see a form where you have to enter beneficiary account number, IFSC code, nick name of beneficiary, address, mobile number, email add, mobile number and transaction password of your internet banking/ mobile banking. Please fill the form. After fill the account number and IFSC code click on 'verify IFSC details'. It will verify your IFSC code and show you the brunch number. After filling the form click on the green box at the bottom of the page.

STEP 8 - A new page will open where a massage will display 'beneficiary has been added successfully. Beneficiary will be activated after 4 hours.
      Now you have completed your beneficiary added process.

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