How to register in SBI mutual fund online?

How to create account in SBI mutual fund online:
      Many people want to invest in mutual funds for their future, but they don't know how to invest or how to open an account for such manner. In that condition they have to go brunches of their banks. But for busy and crowded they can not open their account in one day and they have to return home. Again while they think to go bank then they have no time or they don't want to go again due to crowd. You can now invest online on mutual funds without going brunches. Here we discuss about SBI mutual fund. For investment in SBI mutual fund online you have to open or register in SBI mutual fund website After that you can invest online. Here we discuss about how to open an account in SBI mutual fund online.

      Following are the steps for 'how to register in SBI mutual fund online?'

STEP 1 - Go to Google and type and click on search. Your search result will open on the screen you have to click on the first search result where you see 'SBI Mutual fund'.

STEP 2 - After click on SBI Mutual fund the SBI Mutual fund website will open and you will see the home page of the website on the screen. Here you have seen some options on the upper bar of the page. You have to click on 'Register' option. Click on 'Register option'.

STEP 3 - In this step a new page will open, here you find some another options like 'invest without login', 'Login', 'new user', etc. You have to enter some details under 'New user' option. Enter your PAN number, enter your e-mail id (which will be your user id), write a password and same on the confirm password. Then you have to select I am not a robot and click on 'Register'

STEP 4 - After click on 'Register' it redirects you to a page where you have to enter an OTP . OTP will send to your mobile number and e-mail address. After enter OTP you have to click on 'submit'. Then a new page will open where you can process for investment on SBI mutual fund and your account will successfully opened on SBI mutual fund website.

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