How to deactivate SBI internet banking?

Lock user access of SBI internet banking :

      Using of internet banking is risky sometimes. In that times for some security reasons you have to need of deactivate/ lock your internet banking. Suppose someone steal your password of internet banking and he is trying to login or steal some money from your account. In that condition you can lock your internet banking service immediately online. Here is the step by step procedure to deactivate/ lock user access of SBI internet banking.

       Follow the following steps.

1. Go to Google and type and click on search. Thereafter click on the first search result ONLINE SBI.

2. In this step you have to click on 'login' under personal banking. After click on 'login' it redirect to an another page where you see some security tips for internet banking. You also see 'continue to login' option on this page. Click on this 'continue to login' option. It redirect you to the login page of SBI internet banking.

3. In this SBI login page you will see the options to enter SBI login user name and password. Under that you will see some another options. From that options you have to click on 'lock user access' option.

4. After clicking 'lock user access' a new window will open where you find a form and you have to enter your SBI internet banking login user id, your account number, select country, registered mobile number in core banking and enter some image given in the box. Enter all the details correctly and click on 'confirm'.

      you internet banking will deactivate immediately. Note that if you want to activate again then you can n't  do it online. You have to go brunch for activation.

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