How to update/ make correction in aadhaar card online?

      Hi friends, today I am going to tell you how to update / make correction in aadhaar card online. When we received aadhaar card many people found their aadhaar card's details are not correct. Many of them found spieling mistakes in their name, address etc. Today peoples live very busy life. So they have no time to go UIDAI office to make correction for their aadhaar card. In that condition people can make correction their aadhaar card sitting in their home.
      Here is the step by step procedure how to update / make correction in your aadhaar card.

STEP 1 - In the first step go to google and write, and click on search. Thereafter click on the URL where you see 'UIDAI official website'.

STEP 2 - After click on the URL it redirect to UIDAI home page. here you see Update aadhaar details in aadhaar update section. click on 'update aadhaar' details.

STEP 3 - In the new page you will see some instruction, please read the page. and click on 'Click Here' as given bellow in the picture.

STEP 4 - Then you reach a page where you see the option to enter your aadhaar number. write down the aadhaar card number in the aadhaar option and the text given in the box, and click submit

STEP 5 - A OTP will send to your registered mobile number with aadhaar. take this password and enter in the relevant box .

STEP 6 - In this page you have to select the option which you want to make correction/ update, such as address, name, date of birth, mobile number, email id etc.

STEP 7 - here you see a form, write down the correct data in the form and click on 'submit update request'

STEP 8 - In this step you will say to review update ( to review which you have enter the data in previous step). Check the data again which you have entered. If anything wrong then click on 'modify' and reenter the data, otherwise click on confirm and proceed.

STEP 9 - In this new page you have the option to upload supporting document. Select the document name from the list and upload the document where one is for your address proof and other is for identity proof. ( remember you have to upload original scan self attested document. The size must be bellow 2 MB)  after uploaded the document click on 'submit'.

STEP 10 - Here you see a notification as like as shown on the image given bellow. then click on 'YES"

STEP 11 - It redirected you to a page where you have to select  BPO service provider. Select one which you want. then click on submit.

STEP 12 - Here it says that your update request is completed and give you the option to download or print acknowledgement letter. It will help in to download you e-aadhaar card in future.

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