How to check AAdhar linking status with bank online?

Need of knowing Aadhaar linking status with bank: 

     In today's time as per government rule all bank should be linked with AADHAAR number. The banker's also press us to link our aadhaar number with our account. Otherwise they locked all transaction in our account. And we apply for linking aadhaar with our account number offline or online. But we have not received the confirmation for long time. We don't know is our account is linked with aadhaar number or not. We also don't want to visit brunches for such single information. In that case we can check online if our account is linked with aadhaar number or not? Here we discuss how to check aadhaar linking status with bank?

Aadhaar linking with bank status check process:

      Here is the some simple steps to check aadhaar linking status with bank. Follow the following steps.

STEP 1 - Go to google and write 'aadhaar card linking status' and press on search. After click on search some result will displayed on the screen. You have to click on first search result heading with 'check aadhaar linking status with bank'. Click on this heading search result.

STEP 2 - After click on the search result you will be redirected to a another page where the aadhaar linking status check page will displayed. Here you will ask to enter your aadhaar number and the security code shown on the box. Enter the details asked in this page and click on 'verify'

STEP 3 - After click on the 'verify' option on the page it will display the details of your aadhaar number. It display your aadhaar number, bank linking status is active or not, bank linking date, name of the bank etc.

      This are the simple steps to check your aadhaar linking status with bank online.

Check aadhaar linking status with bank by SMS :

      You can also check aadhaar linking status with bank by SMS. For check by SMS you have to follow following steps.

1. Dial *99*99*1# on your mobile.
2. Now you have to enter 12 digit aadhaar number, enter the aadhaar number correctly.
3. Now you are ask if the aadhaar number entered by you is correct or not? Confirm the aadhaar number entered by you is correct.
4. Now it show your bank link with aadhaar.


1. It will show you only the last account linked with aadhaar number.
2. If you have link other acount with aadhaar then you have to check at your bank or using internet banking.
3. You can check the details only when, if your mobile number is linked with aadhaar.

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