How to download YouTube videos on your android mobile?

Downloading process on your mobile:      

      To download YouTube video on your android mobile you have to download an apps. The name of the apps is tubemate. Here is the step by step YouTube video download procedure as given bellow.

      Tubemate apps is not available in play store. you have to download it from its verified sites.

STEP 1 - At first go to google and write Tubemate. click on the first URL shown in google search page.

STEP 2 - After click on the URL a new page will open. Here you see the verified list of sites from where you can download the apps. click on  anyone from the list. I recommend for 'android freeware '

STEP 3 - In this page you see the apps image and install link. Click on 'Install app'. It will start download on your mobile

STEP 4 - After download install the apps. Remember one thing, if your phone is disable for UNKNOWN source, then go to settings and make enable UNKNOWN SOURCE option.

STEP 5 - When you complete download, open the apps. you see here same page as YouTube. You can search your video which you want to download. You can also play videos from this page.

STEP 6 - When you click on your video, it started to play. Here you see a green courser above the video. click on that. You will see parsing video information and after that a list of various sizes of videos will appear.

STEP 7 -  Select which size you want to download. after select  click on the download button  just bellow the list. The YouTube video will start download.

STEP 8 - You can manage your download by clicking on the option placed on the right upper side of your page. see the bellow image.

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