How to generate BHIM UPI Id?


Hello friends, in this article we are discussing on how to generate BHIM UPI Id? We all know that BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a UPI enabled initiative to facilitate safe, easy & instant digital payments through your mobile phone. By this app you can send and receive money easily like phone pe, Google pay etc. By using this app you can also recharge mobile, DTH, bill pay for mobile, electricity etc.


But many people don’t know how to generate BHIM UPI Id. They want to use this service but don’t know the process. Therefore we are discussing the process how to create BHIM UPI Id.


How to generate BHIM UPI Id:

Before going to generate BHIM Id it should ensure that you have a mobile number linked with Bank account, that mobile number’s SIM should be entered in the mobile and you the ATM card of the bank account linked with the mobile number.


If you have the above facilities then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and install the BHIM app from Google play store.


STEP 2: Open the application on your mobile and you will see the page shown on the following picture. Here you are asked to enter your preferred language. Select the language you want. I select here the English language.


STEP 3: Another page will open. Here you are asked to allow for SMS, call and location. Click on ‘proceed’ here.


STEP4: In this page allow BHIM to access the location of the device. Then you have to allow BHIM to make and mange calls. Click on allow here.


STEP 5: In this page you have to allow BHIM to access send and view message. Make allow here.


STEP 6: As you ‘allow’ to access phone calls you will be redirected to mobile number verification page. Here you need to select the SIM card which number is given for registration in BHIM.


STEP 7: A pop up message for confirmation of SIM selection will appear, it says that you have selected SIM -1 or 2 (as per your selection), do you want to proceed? If yes then click on ‘proceed’ button.


STEP 8: Now it will automatically initiate verification, SMS send from your mobile number and verification will be complete. It will take a few seconds and the process can be seen as showed on the following image.


STEP 9: You will be redirected to another page, in this page you are asked to enter new pass code and confirm new pass code. Enter the passcodes same to same.


STEP 10: As you enter pass codes on the previous step you will be reached on the new page. Here you have to select your bank in which the mobile number given for BHIM UPI registration linked. Select your Bank name here.


STEP 11: It will fetch your bank account number and it will be displayed on the screen. Click on the account number on this page.


STEP 12: In this step you are asked to link your Rupay credit card with BHIM UPI. You can link it if you have Rupay credit card. Otherwise click on ‘Cancel’.


STEP 13: Now your BHIM UPI Id is generated and you have logged in to your BHIM UPI account. On the top of the page you will see your BHIM UPI ID.


This is the process how to create BHIM UPI Id. This process is also described on the following video. You can also check out the following video.


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