How to raise complaint in Cent Mobile app for failed postpaid bill payment?


Hi guys in this blog we are discussing about how to raise complaint in Cent mobile app for failed postpaid bill payments. If you are a Central bank Of India customer and you want to raise a claim against your failed mobile bill payment which you have done through Central Bank Of India mobile banking app.


Actually many times transactions in Central Bank Of India fails but customers don’t know how can they raise a complaint against their fail transactions. In this article we are discussing only on the failed mobile bill payment transaction and how to raise a complaint in Central Bank Of India for failed postpaid bill payment transaction.


If you interested on this topic then you can follow the following steps.


How to raise complaint in Cent mobile for failed postpaid bill payment:

Before going to raise a complaint ensure that you have made a postpaid bill payment through Cent Mobile app. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to Central Bank Of India mobile banking application and login with your username and MPIN.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account and you are on the dash board of Central Bank account. You will see various options on this page. Find the option ‘BBPS Biller’ and click on this options.


STEP 3: In this page you will see various Bharat Bill Payment System options. Out of them click on the option “Register BBPS Complaints”.


STEP 4: A new page will be opened. In this page select complaint type as transaction and then select search by option as duration. Select search by transaction No if you know the transaction No for which you want to raise a complaint.


As you select duration here you are asked to enter from date of duration and to date of the duration. Select both within which duration the transaction lies. Then enter the mobile number for which you have made payment. Finally click on ‘Proceed’.


STEP 5: Again you will be redirected to another page. In this page you have to select transaction list form drop down menu. As you click on the drop down menu you will find your transaction number, select the transaction number here. As you select the transaction number the amount and the transaction Id will be automatically filled up. Select the sub type as amount not credited and then write a remark on the box given. Finally click on ‘Raise’ button.


Now your complaint will be registered and the complaint number will be sent to your registered mobile number with bank. The complaint will be resolved within 5 working days.


This is the process how to raise complaint against failed mobile bill payment in Cent mobile app. You can also watch the following video for understanding the above process.



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