How to check Ayushman CAPF card is actived or not?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to describe about how to check Ayushman CAPF card is activated or not? Central Government of India offers Ayushman Bharat health scheme facility to all CAPF personnel and their dependents.


Once a CAPF personal do BIS of his Ayushman CAPF card it may approve or go to pending for L2 approval. After 2-3 days if he want to know that his card is activated or not then how to know Ayushman CAPF card activation status? Therefore we are discussing on this topic.


If you follow the steps which are discussed on the following paragraphs you can easily understand how to know the Ayushman CAPF card is activated or not. Now follow the following steps.


How to check Ayushman CAPF card is active or not:

Before going to check your Ayushman card activation status you have to do your BIS of your PMJAY card. After 2-3 days of your BIS done you can check your PMJAY card activation status. To know the process of CAPF Ayushman card activation status, follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to the website website and the open the home page.


STEP 2: Now you are in login page of PMJAY TMS portal. Here you will see some quick links also. Out of them click on the link “CAPF Reimbursement login”.


STEP 3: After clicking on the link ‘CAPF Reimbursement login” scroll up the page. Now you will see CAPF Reimbursement login option. Here you are asked to select ‘Login Type’. You will find two login types on the drop down menu one is “Ayushman Id” and the other is “Force Id”. You can select any one of them. We will select force Id here.


STEP 4: As you select force Id on the above step you are asked to enter your force number and select your force type. Enter the force number here and select your force name form the drop down menu of ‘force type’. Finally click on ‘Get OTP’ button.


STEP 5: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number of your force’s PIS data. Enter the OTP and the captcha code shown on this page and click on “Login” button.


STEP 6: Now you will logged in to your Ayushman CAPF medical claim account. Here you will see your name, address, photo, bank account number etc. You will see patient name option just under your account details. Here you are asked to select your family member’s name. When you click on this drop down menu you will find the name of your name and family members. Here you will find the name who’s Ayushman CAPF card is activated.


Basically this portal is to claim Reimbursement of Ayushman CAPF card holders. Here you will find the name of your family members who’s card is activated. And you can assume that those cards who’s names are not found in the patient name box are not activated.


Now by this process you can know which family member’s card is activated and which card is not activated. You can also watch the following video for this process.



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