How to remove saved card from My Jio app?


Hi friends, in this post we are going to discuss on the topic how to remove saved card from My Jio app. We all know that if we are using a Jio number then we can use My Jio application for your Jio account details. In this app we also have the facility to recharge a mobile or bill payment.


While we make payments in this app we get the options like internet banking, UPI, e-wallets, credit card, debit card etc. If you have made a payment using debit card or credit card in this app, then the card number will be saved in this app for future use. But many customers don’t want to save their card in a third party app. In such conditions they want to delete the card from My Jio app. But they don’t know how to delete credit card from My Jio app.


Therefore in this article we have discussed on this topic. We have discussed the process how to delete saved card from my Jio app. If you want to know the process follow steps discussed on the bellow paragraphs.


How to remove saved card from My Jio app:

Before going to delete or remove saved card form my jio app you need to install My Jio app on your mobile and start the app using your mobile number. It should also ensure that at least one card number is saved in “My jio” app. You can also check if any card is saved in this app or not by using this process. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open My Jio application. As the application is open your Jio account details will be displayed.


STEP 2: You will see a three line option on the top right corner of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 3: As you click on the three line option, a list of various options will be displayed on the screen. You need to find and click on the option ‘settings’ out of the options.


STEP 4: Now the service settings page will open. Again some other options will be appeared. Here you will find an option ‘saved cards’ under the ‘payment settings’ option. Click on this ‘Saved cards’ option here.


STEP 5: If you have any saved card in this app then the card details will be appeared on the screen. Otherwise it will show there is no card saved. Then you can also know if you have any saved card or not.


You will also see a symbol of bin on the right side against the card details. Click on the bin image to delete the card number. A pop up massage will appear. It asked ‘are you sure you want to delete your saved card?’ Click on ‘OK’ to remove the card. Your saved card will be removed from the My Jio app.


This is the process how one can remove saved card from My Jio mobile application. This process can be watch as video format. If you like video presentation then you can watch the following video. We have discussed all the above steps in this video also.

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