How to hide whatsApp images from gallery?


Hi guys in this blog we are discussing about how to hide whatsapp images from gallery. Many times people who are using whatsapp want to hide the images, videos from phone gallery. It means they don’t want to see the whatsapp media on phone gallery.


Many times some peoples have the objections that their whatsapp media is not showing in phone gallery. However in both conditions somebody wants not to save whatsapp images in gallery and somebody wants to see the same in phone gallery you can do this settings on your whatsapp.


Hence we are discussing about the settings by which you can hide unhide whatsapp media from your pohne.


How to hide whatsapp image from gallery:

If you want to know how to hide or unhide whatsapp image from phone gallery then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your phone and open the whatsapp application. As you open the application you will see your recent chats on the screen. You will also see a three dot line on the top right corner of the page. Click on this three dot line.


STEP 2: As you click on the three dot line some options will be displayed on the screen. Click on the option ‘settings’ from the list of options.


STEP 3: A new page will appear. In this new page you will see some new options. Out of them enabled the option ‘Media visibility’ to show newly downloaded whatsapp media on phone gallery and disabled the option not to save the media on gallery.


This is the simple settings to hide unhide whatsapp images on phone gallery. This method also discussed on the following video. You can watch the video to know the process.



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