How to download income tax (AIS) annual information statement?


Hi guys in this blog we are describing about how to download income tax (AIS) annual information statement. If you are filing income tax return regularly then you know that the tax deduction information and the income chargeable under income tax are shown in the form 26 AS. But Income Tax department of India now introduced AIS annual information statement in place of form 26 AS. Now in the coming days form 26 AS will be stopped and we will get the annual information statement.


In the AIS we will get the all information related to income in a financial year. You will see your salaried income, FD income, foreign remittance, stocks sell, mutual fund redemption, savings account interest etc. So before filing income tax return you should to check the income tax AIS once thoroughly otherwise you may get trouble in future.


In general people avoid disclose of some income to save income taxes. Therefore government has introduced AIS. Now all the earnings will be traced and will be shown in annual information statement. Therefore we are discussing about the topic how to download income tax AIS.


How to download income tax annual information statement:

If you are also searching for the process how to download income tax AIS then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your PC or mobile and open the website and open the home page of the website.


STEP 2: As you reach the home page of the above website you will see login option on the top bar of the page. Click on this login option. A new page will open here you are asked to enter your PAN number. Enter the PAN number here and click on ‘continue’ button.


STEP 3: In this new page you need to trick on the box before the term ‘please confirm your secure assess massage’ and enter the password of your income tax e-filing account. Enter the password here and click on ‘continue’ button.


STEP4: Now you are logged in to your e-filing account. On the top bar you will see a ‘services’ tab. Place the cursor on it. Some more options will be appeared. Out of them click on the option ‘Annual Information Statement (AIS)’.


STEP 5: A pop up massage will be displayed. It says ‘On click on proceed button you will be redirected to AIS home page’. Click on the ‘proceed’ button under this massage.


STEP 6: Now you will be redirected to AIS page. In this page you will see three options introductions, AIS and activity history. Click on the option AIS here.


STEP 7: As you click on AIS, a new page will open. Here you will see two options one is ‘Tax information summary (TIS)’ and the other is ‘annual information statement (AIS)’. Click on the download symbol under the annual information statement. And now your AIS will be downloaded on your PC/mobile.


This is the process how you can download income tax annual information statement. You can watch this process in the following video also. If you like audio video presentation then you can watch the video. In this video you will find the step by step process of above process.

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