How to check NPS contribution status? NPS contribution receipt download.


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to discuss about how to check NPS contribution status online? We also discuss on NPS contribution receipt download.  If you are an NPS customer then you must have made payment online through the e-NPS portal. Then if you need to check the payment status then you can easily check it online.


Download NPS payment receipt and check NPS payment status both process are same. You have to login to your NPS account and can follow the process.


How to check NPS contribution status:

By this process you can check the status of NPS payment which you have made through the NPS mobile app or through the e-NPS website. You can also download the NPS contribution receipt by following this process. Hence before going to check the status install the NPS mobile application on your mobile. After install the application follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Open the NPS application on your mobile. You will see three options Login, Contribution and Hindi. Click on the option ‘Login here’.


STEP 2: In this step you are asked to enter your PRAN number and the password. Enter the PRAN number and password of your NPS account here and click on ‘Login’.


STEP 3: Now you are logged in to your NPS account. You will see your investment details on this page. You will also see a three line option on the left top of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 4: After click on the three line option a list of different options will be displayed on the screen. Out of the options click on the option ‘Status view’.


STEP 5: A new page will open. Here again you will see four different options contributions, grievance, scheme preference change and Tier II withdrawal. Click on the option ‘Contribution’.


STEP 6: Now your contribution status view page will displayed. In this page you will see your recent payments through NPS app and e-NPS website. You will see the acknowledgement number, receipt number, request date, status and the amount here.


How to download NPS contribution receipt online:

STEP 6: As said in the above step 5 you will see the payment details on the screen. You will also see a ‘download’ symbol on each transaction details here. Click on the download symbol to download the receipt.


This is the process how you can check NPS money deposit status and download NPS money deposit receipt. If you want to see the live demo of the above process then you can watch the following video. In this video also we have discussed the same process.

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