How to make online contribution to NPS using NPS mobile app?


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to describe ‘how to make online contribution to NPS account using NPS mobile app. We all know that NPS account can be open online and offline mode.


You can make contribution to NPS whether it opened online or offline. But you should keep in mind that the NPS account should be an active account. You must have also the NPS password. If you have not generated NPS password yet, then generate the password first. You can do online contribute to NPS Tier I or Tier II account using internet banking, credit card, debit card etc.


Online contribution to NPS using NPS mobile app:

The online contribution to NPS is done through eNPS site. Hence eNPS contribute online and contribute to NPS online is the same process. Here we are describing the process of NPS Tier I contribution online using NPS mobile application.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open NPS mobile application.


STEP 2: After opening the application Login with your user Id and password.


STEP 3: After login you will see the account summary page on your mobile screen. Go to the three line option on the right top corner of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 4: Now  a list of different options will be seen. Click on the option ‘contribution’ from the list.


STEP 5: A new page will open. In this page you will see your PRAN number and date of birth. A captcha code will be displayed on the screen. Enter the captcha code on the box and click on ‘verify PRAN’ button.


STEP 6: A pop up massage will be shown, it says to confirm your mobile number. Check the mobile number and click on the ‘Send OTP’ option.


STEP 7: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP here and click on the ‘Submit OTP’ option. If you don’t get the OTP then you can click on ‘Regenerate OTP’ option to resend the OTP.


STEP 8: In this new page you will see your Name, PRAN number, mobile number and email address. In this page you have to enter the amount which you wish to contribute to NPS account.


Before entering the amount you need to select the account Tier I or Tier II for which you want to make contribution. Select the account by clicking on Tier I or Tier II.


Now you have to accept the declaration by tricking on the box before I accept declaration. As you trick on the box a list of declaration will be appeared. You need to click on ‘I Agree’ button. Read the declaration and click on ‘I agree’.


Finally click on ‘Confirm’ button at the end of the page.


STEP 9: You are redirected to another page. In this page you will see the payment details as POP trail commission, GST and amount payable. Here you will see two payment gateway Bill Desk and Axis UPI payment.


Select the Bill Desk gateway for payment through debit card, credit card, internet banking etc. You can select Axis UPI for UPI payment.


After select the payment gateway click on ‘Confirm payment’. A list of payment charges will be displayed. Currently the following charges will be paid for the transaction.

For Net Banking    -         No charges

For Debit card        -         No charges

For credit card        -         0.75% of the transaction amount + 18% GST


Click on the option ‘OK’ under the list of charges.


STEP 10: A POP up massage will be displayed. It says that ‘You will now be redirected to payment gateway website. Your subsequent contribution against PRAN will be confirmed after successful payment’.

Click on the ‘proceed’ button here.


STEP 11: Now you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Select your payment mode and complete the payment.


STEP 12: After successful payment a receipt of payment will be displayed on the screen. You can download the receipt by clicking on ‘Download Payment Receipt’ link under the receipt.


Now your payment is completed. Within 2-3 working days your contribution will be deposited to your NPS account.


The whole process is described on the following video. If you want to see the live procedure of contribution to NPS account, then watch this video. I hope you will like the video audio presentation.

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