How to reset NPS password using NPS mobile application?


        Indian Government has stopped the old pension scheme of their employees from 01.01.2004 and launched a new pension system namely ‘NPS’. A person who have employed in government job on or after fist April 2020 they come under NPS. After sometimes government open NPS to all citizens of India. People who wish to invest in National Pension System they can register themselves in these scheme now.

          A person after enrolled in NPS he/she will receive a PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) card, IPIN and MPIN. So that he or she can login to their NPS account and can check their account details, statements, performance etc.

          When it is required to reset NPS password: When a person received his PRAN number, MPIN and IPIN also sent to his email or mobile number. But sometimes NPS customer did not receive the IPIN and MPIN. Then he is required to re-issue or reset the IPIN to login to his/her NPS account.

          Again suppose a NPS customer forgot his NPS account password. In that condition also he is required to reset his password. He or she can login to his NPS account only after reset the password.

          How to reset NPS password using NPS mobile application: One can reset NPS password only when if their e-mail address and mobile number is registered with NPS account. So before resetting NPS password ensure that you are using these mobile number and email.

          Here we discussed the step by step process of  "How to reset NPS password using NPS mobile app" in the following steps.

STEP 1: Firstly go to your mobile and open the NPS (National Pension System) mobile application. After open you will see three options Login, Contribution and Hindi. Click on the option “Login”.

STEP 2: In this page you will find the login page of NPS.  You can login here using PRAN number as user ID and password. Under the Login option you will see another option “Reset/Forgot password”. To reset the password click on these option.

STEP 3: Here a new page will open where you will find two options. You have to select any one among the options. Select the option “using secrete question” if you remember your secrete question which was set at time of account opening. And select the option “using OTP” if you have the email and mobile number on your hand which are registered with NPS account. Here we click on the option “Using OTP”.

STEP 4: In this step you are asked to enter your PRAN number, date of birth, new password and confirm password, captcha code. Enter all the details correctly and click on “Generate OTP” option.

STEP 5: After clicking on “Generate OTP” on the above step a POP up massage will displayed saying that “OTP sent successfully to mobile number ……” Click on “Ok” here. Now you can see another box on the form is appeared. Enter the OTP here and click on “Submit”. Click on the option “Regenerate OTP” option if you have not received the OTP.

          If you use NPS website to reset password then you will also get the option to receive OTP on email.

STEP 6: In this page a massage will be shown that “Reset I-PIN request has been successfully processed”. In this page your acknowledgement number, date of birth, time will also be displayed.

          If you are interested in watching live demo then watch the following video.



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