How to open fixed deposit account in sbi online

E-fixed deposit in SBI:

      In today's time many people wish to invest in Fixed deposit for a specific time. But they are very busy and don't want to go bank for such investment. All brunches of Banks also full of crowd. In that condition now people may invest in SBI fixed deposit siting in his home through internet banking. The rate of interest also the same with the offline investment in SBI fixed deposit. only legibility to invest in e-fixed deposit in SBI is you must be registered with SBI internet banking. You can also close the account online while you which before maturity. You need not go to brunch for closing also. While you close it before maturity a charge will deducted from your accumulated amount and the rest of amount will be deposited automatically to your savings account. 

        Now follow the following  STEPS to open a SBI e-fixed deposit in SBI online.

STEP 1 - First go to and click on the first search result. And click on login under personal banking. Now log in with internet banking user id and password.

STEP 2 - Now you are loged in to SBI internet banking. Here you will see an option 'e-fixed deposit' on the upper bar of the page, click on the the option.

STEP 3 - A new page will open and you will see three options e-TDR/e-STDR (Fixed deosit), e-TDR/ e-STDR under income tax saving scheme, e-TDR/e-STDR multi option deposit. Select the first option and click on 'proceed'.

STEP 4 - In this step you see your savings bank account. Select the account number from which your fixed deposit amount will deducted. Enter the amount you want to fixed. Select senior citizen option if you are 60 years old or above 60 years. (senior citizen get higher interest)

STEP 5 - Here another option (1) STDR (cumulative interest paid at maturity) (2) TDR -non cumulative interest paid at selected interval. If you select STDR then interest will paid at the time of maturity and if you select TDR then your interest will pay in a interval like quarterly monthly etc. Mostly people select STDR.

      Now select STDR option, then you will ask to select term of the deposit. Select the year, month, days.

      After that you have to select maturity instruction. 

      (1) auto renew principal and interest - if you select this option after maturity the interest and principal both are fixed for another tenure. And you are asked to select next tenure.

       (2) Auto renew principal and repay interest - if you select this option after maturity the principal amount will renewed another tenure and interest amount will pay to your savings account. Here also you have to select next tenure.

      (3) Repay principal and interest - This option is to have the maturity amount principal and interest both in your account.

      Select as you like, accept terms and condition and click on submit.

STEP 6 - Here you will see the details about your fixed deposit. Verify the details you enter. You have to select another option 'Do you want nominee as your savings account or not'. If you want to make the nominee as savings account then select 'Yes' otherwise 'No'. Finally confirm the details.

STEP 7 - Now your Fixed deposit is opened, you will see the details of your account like account number, invested amount, maturity amount, maturity date etc. Click on view e-TDR/ e-STDR. Your receipt or bond of fixed deposit will displayed on screen, please save or print this copy for future communication.

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