How to open a e-RD in SBI online?

How to open a e-RD account in SBI

      You have no need to go bank to open a recurring deposit account. You can open a RD siting in your home. To open a recurring deposit online you have to registered with SBI internet banking service or other bank internet banking service. We discuss here about the opening of a e-RD through SBI internet banking. Follow the following steps.

STEP - 1 : Go to SBI internet banking login page and log in with your user name and password.

STEP - 2 : Now click on e-fixed deposit on upper bar of your new page.

STEP - 3 : A new page will appear, click on e-RD/e-SBI flexi deposit. You will find the option on the left side of the page.

STEP - 4 : Now e-RD page will open, select e-RD option and click on proceed.

STEP - 5 : A new page will open. In this page you have to fill a form. In this form you have to select your debited account number, write instalment amount, if you are senior citizen or not, tenure of your RD,maturity option (if you want to fixed the maturity amount for some time select the option convert to STDR otherwise select payback principle and interest option). Then accept terms and conditions and click on submit.

STEP - 6 : In this page you will see your account details and you have to verify it. If everything is OK then click on confirm.

STEP - 7 : A new page will open and your RD account is generated the details of your account will be showed in this page you can print this page for future use. If you want to debit amount from your savings account and credit in your e-RD account then you have to set SI in this page. Click on set SI and then you see details of your RD account once again and click on confirm. From the next
month your instalment amount will automatically debit from your savings account and credited in your e-RD account.

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